About Us

   As a group of dynamic youth, we started our professional career in the entertainment field in 1992, and officially established our company “SAM Events” in 1999.  We are one of the pioneer companies working in the field of events planning and execution.  Besides offering complete solutions to our clients for their events and occasions, we also create, invent, prepare and execute all activities related to the entertainment domain.

   What makes us different is that we own 90% of equipment used during events.  We own all the lighting, sound, audio visual, special effects and DJ equipment as well as the latest technology in video shooting. 


Scope of Work:

  A. Impresario Services:

We have an official impresario license that gives us the right to deal with all type of artists/entertainers & finalize all permits and legalizations needed for events. Our relationship with the entertainers specially the super stars is very different from other impresarios in Egypt, as we changed the image of the impresario.

 B. Sound System:

We own state of art sound system equipment and the latest technologies for speakers, amplifiers & microphones wired as well as wireless. We can handle up to 2 mega concerts in parallel with the same quality. We have the most professional and well-trained technicians, sound engineers and operators.

 C. Light Systems:

We own state of art light system equipment and the latest technologies for trussing systems, moving heads, dimmers …etc. We can handle up to 2 mega concerts in parallel with the same quality. We have the most professional and well-trained technicians and operators.

 D. Conference Equipment:

  • All types of screens (Plasma – LCD – LED) in different sizes.
  • Projection screens (Front & Back) in different sizes.
  • Data Show Projectors (Starting from 2,000 up to 15,000 ansi).
  • Translation Booths with Infrared receiving technology.
  • Laptops & PCs with the highest configurations (as many as needed).
  • IT wireless networking.
  • Fax machines, printers, scanners & photocopiers (Manual & Auto).
  • Video Conference systems (ISDN & ADSL).
  • Special conference sound systems.
  • Special conference condensed microphones.
  • Satellite Internet connection up to 10 Mb/s.
  • Instant translators UN certified (English – French – Italian – Spanish)
  • Overhead and slide projectors.
  • Podiums (Transparent acrylic)

 E. Professional Video Shooting:

   We have the latest technology in video production. We own Sony DV HD cameras, professional cranes Jimmy Jeep Triangle, digital video mixing consoles Sony & Panasonic & wireless A/V transmitters and receivers for 100% wireless video shooting. Finally, we own the only masterpiece available in Egypt (Sony Anycast Station 2010), it’s the only device that do seamless switching with VGA in & VGA out.

F. Professional DJs:

We have the most powerful DJs team.

G. Special Effects: 

   We own various items of creative special effects:-

  • Fire works
  • Fire sprays
  • Confetti machines
  • Laser beam machines (YAG & Argon) multi colors
  • Cold flames
  • Bubble machines
  • Fog, haze & high density smoke machines 

  H. Setup and Banqueting Services:

   As we do not own tents, chairs, tables, carpets ….etc and all banqueting items, we outsource all these items from our subcontractors’ database with a very high quality and extremely competitive pricing.

If your company needs our support in this field, we will have the capability to design the full layout and setup for any venue. We can manage to avail different types of tents and stages for different occasions and events’ types. We have access to an exclusive source for all types of decoration and setup accessories. Through this source, we can build complete themes for whatever era you may need (Pharaohs – Islamic – Roman …etc.

 I. Event’s management and implementation: 

   Throughout our collective experiences since 1998 till now, and based on the diversity of knowledge and backgrounds of our team members, we have a very powerful events management team, experienced and specialized in all types of events:

  • Corporate events 
  • Products launches
  • Business meetings
  • Business conferences
  • Press conferences
  • Graduation events
  • Proms parties
  • Weddings
  • Engagements.

 J. Marketing solutions: 

   Based on our wide experience in both marketing and events, we built our own strategy of trade marketing and field activities to offer to our clients an extended arm for their marketing strategies:

  • In store activities 
  • Sampling campaigns
  • Trade promotions
  • Mystery shopping
  • Data base registration

 K. Working Team:

   Our working force and team members are:

  • Top management and Board of Directors: 3
  • Senior managerial level: 4
  • Intermediate managerial level: 4
  • Finance: 3
  • Events Executives: 4
  • Events Coordinators: 4
  • Sound Technicians: 8
  • Light Technicians: 15
  • Audio Visual Technicians: 6
  • Sound Engineers (Operators): 4
  • Light Programmers (Operators): 5
  • Audio Visual Engineers: 3
  • IT Engineer: 1