Hazem Nabil

Professional DJ "Hazem Nabil"

Hazem Nabil started his musical career as a Keyboard and Piano player in 1985 during his middle school years. In 1987 he formed his High School Musical Band at College De La Salle (Daher) and started performing in the school's events as well as other French Schools events in Cairo (Sacre Coeur Daher & Sacre Coeur Heliopolis).

In 1992, Hazem Nabil stopped playing music as a Keyboard and Piano player and started playing as a DJ in his University in the College's excursions. After his graduation in 1995, he started his professional job career in a Multinational Company and he has been appointed as an office manager for this company at Sharm El-Sheikh where he met the manager of Cactus Discotheque (Movenpick Jolie-Ville Sharm El-Sheikh).

In 1996, Hazem started his first steps in the professional DJs world by getting trained by the resident DJ of Cactus Discotheque in Sharm El-Sheikh, then he started working as a part-time reliever for this DJ, then he has been hired as a Part-time DJ at the Bus Stop in Sharm El-Sheikh.

In 1997, Hazem returned back from Sharm El-Sheikh and resigned from the Multinational Company and joined "Happy Time Entertainment" with Yasser Shaker "Egypt's # 1 DJ by that time" and he became his first  DJ till 1998.

In 1998, Hazem Nabil established SAM Events with his partner Walid El-Telbany and they started hitting the market and performing in several private and public events and he has been appointed as the official DJ for the AUC by that time till 2000. Hazem Nabil has performed during 3 years in all the AUC events inside and outside the University's Campus as well as all the AIESEC, Model ARAB League, Model United Nations & Prom parties.

From 1998 up till now, Hazem Nabil has developed his DJing skills and his music library. During this period of time Hazem has performed in thousands of weddings including top VIP and celebrities weddings in addition to hundreds of Corporate events and Fashion Shows.

Events performed by Hazem Nabil:

  • Wedding of Ismail Radi Saad & Laila Abdel Ghaffar "Grand Daughter of Former President Anwar El Sadat" 2003 (Movenpick Media Production City)
  • Wedding of Mahmoud El-Hakim & Aliaa Mansour "Cousin of Heidy Mubarak Wife of Alaa Mubarak" 2003 (Movenpick media Production City)
  • Wedding of Karim & Abdel Aziz "Famous Egyptian Actor" & Samah Sabri Ghoneim "Daughter of Mr. Sabri Ghoneim - Editor in Chief of Al-Akhbar Newspaper" 2003 (Semiramis Intercontinental)
  • Wedding of Hazem Emam "Professional Egyptian International Football Player" & Kadria Daoud 2004 (Semiramis Intercontinental)
  • Wedding of Karim Hassan Shehata "Egyptian Football Player Son of Hassan Shehata Egyptian Famous Football Player and Coach" 2004 (Semiramis Interccontinental)
  • Wedding of Nevine Ragab "Daughter of Famous Singer Ghada Ragab" & Sherif Shawki 2004 (Semiramis Intercontinental)
  • Wedding of Nayera Ashraf Omar & Omar Sherif Omar "Son & Daughter of Famous Dr. Sherif Omar & Dr. Ashraf Omar" 2004 (Semiramis Intercontinental)
  • Wedding of Nazly El Saeed "Daughter of Famous Dr. Ahmed El Saeed" & Hussein Soliman "Son of Famous Dr. Osama Soliman" 2003 (Semiramis Intercontinental)
  • Wedding of laila Abdel Nasser "Grand Daughter of Former President gamal Abdel Nasser" 2012 (Fairmont Heliopolis)
  • Wedding of Ranine Salem "Daughter of Famous Businessman Ahmed Salem" and Yahya 2007 (Fairmont Heliopolis)
  • Engagement & Wedding of Salma Seyam "Daughter of Famous Businessman Tarek Seyam" & Mahmoud 2006 / 2007 (Four Seasons Nile Plaza)
  • Engagement of Omar Seyam "Son of Famous Businessman Tarek Seyam" & Aseel 2006 (JW Marriott)
  • Wedding of Omar Seyam "Son of Famous Businessman Tarek Seyam" & Aseel 2008 (Intercontinental City Stars)
  • Official Launching Event for The Four Seasons Nile Plaza attended by HE Prince Walid Ben Talal 2004 (Four Seasons Nile Plaza)
  • Official Launching Event for the Opel Astra & Opel Corsa 2004 (Semiramis Intercontinental)
  • US Marines' Ball 2004 (JW Marriott)
  • US Marines' Ball 2005 (JW Marriott)
  • Misr International University Welcome Party 2006 (MIU Campus)
  • AUC AIESEC International Events 1999 (Sakkara Country Club & El Ezba)
  • AUC Graduation Party 1999 (Royal Club Mohamed Ali)
  • AUC Graduation Party 2000 (Nile Gate)
  • GUC Welcome Party 2005 (GUC Campus)
  • Misr International Language Schools Graduation Party 2003 (Mena House Oberoi)
  • All Ramses Hilton International Fashion Shows organized by Mr. Onsi Barakat since 2007 up till now
  • SAMSUNG Summer Ball 2011 (Fairmont Nile City)
  • SAMSUNG Summer Ball 2012 (Fairmont Nile City)
  • Many more ...............


Music Library:

  • Our  music library contains 450,000+ tracks
  • All tracks are stored in MP3 format 192 Kbps
  • We don't use CDs anymore as we use the latest technology in DJs full digital media controllers (Pioneer CDJ-400 - Pioneer CDJ-850 - Pioneer CDJ-2000)
  • Our library contains the following types of music:
  1. 50s - 60s - 70s - 80s - 90s
  2. Classic Rock - Slow Rock - Rock
  3. Oldies
  4. Pop
  5. Dance
  6. Latin
  7. House
  8. R&B
  9. Arabic: Egyptian - Lebanese - Khaliji (Arabian Gulf) - Rai - North African
  10. Slows
  11. Soul
  12. Jazz
  13. Chill-Out / Ambient / Low-Fi
  14. Instrumental
  15. Karaoke
  16. Funk